Introducing ATHLIGHTS... for Whenever Staying Active Requires Staying Visible. ATHLIGHTS make you more visible during outdoor activities in the dark.  These compact flashing LED lights let you to run, walk, or bike with confidence, so your training is never too early, and never too late.




Staying seen is key to preventing an accident.  The compact but powerful LED lights contained in ATHLIGHTS™ keep you visible at night from up to 600ft away.  ATHLIGHTS™ have alternating red-white-red LEDs that can alert approaching motorists that you're nearby.    


ATHLIGHTS™ are the smallest lights for runners or bikers currently on the market.  Their small size and weight (1/3 oz) mean you can wear them and not feel them while training, unlike bulky competing products.  But they are not just small; they are also durable.  The metal housing is crush resistant: there is no glass or plastic to break.  Plus, the LEDs resist both sweat and rain.  




 Most athletic clothing is tight fitting and slick.  This means that most competitor's products, which use a clip to attach to the edges of clothing, slip off. ATHLIGHTS'™ magnetic grip can not only handle the forces you produce while training, but allows you to put them anywhere on your clothes. ATHLIGHTS™ will stick anywhere a magnet does. Place them on the back of your bike for added visibility, or stick them on the fridge for easy storage between workouts.